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I Love Lists for International Women’s Day!

I am so pleased to tell you that this Thursday at I Love Lists we’ll be raising money for Oxfam and International Women’s Day!

In addition to our usual list-making antics (if you’ve not been before you a) simply must and b) can read more about I Love Lists here) we’ll be having a vintage clothing and accessories stall by Belles & Whistles, a delectable cake stall by Bextacular Bakes PLUS a special sexy stationery stall for you pen and paper enthusiasts!

All proceeds from the stalls will go to Oxfam in honour of International Women’s Day. You can still buy tickets for this event here, there are a few tables left!

As always, our list-making soundtrack will be provided by the fantastically eclectic DJ Helix.

Hope to see you lovelies on Thursday,

Jess xx

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