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Google Keep: I’m Obsessed

GOOGLE KEEP (it rules)

Jess Indeedy's Google Keep
Here’s my latest organisational fixation – introducing Google Keep. It’s a Google App that allows you to make multiple notes, thoughts, and lists on any of your devices and they update in real time. They’re organised in tiles on one central dashboard. I’m finding it really useful in my businesses and personal life!

I totally love making lists, and I love that on Google Keep I can organise and access all of them in one place. No more random sticky notes or lists in various notebooks or apps. You can even colour code your lists and add images, as I have above.

The optional function of using tick boxes is great, I find there’s something wonderfully satisfying about crossing things off a list.

I use Google Keep every day for daily to do lists, and also reminders and markers to live my ideal life. Things like taking vitamins, calling family members, and meditating sometimes fall by the wayside if I don’t remind myself!

Often during the day I come up with new business ideas and event concepts, so I love having a central place to record all of those ideas. To be completely honest, I sometimes still scribble things down on scrap paper – but the ‘good’ ideas alway get transferred into Google Keep or a Doc.

I also use this dashboard for inspirational quotes and mantras that I assign to each day to keep me focused on the big picture. It helps to make sure the images and colours are uplifting and cheerful!

This app is always open on one of my browser tabs so I can add to it as I work. I JUST LOVE IT

What do you think of Google Keep? Are you more of a pen and paper person?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Love and lists,


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