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Introducing Indeedy Nights – A Listening Party


Introducing Indeedy Nights!

I’m so excited to tell you about a new nightlife concept I’ve developed! Indeedy Nights is a series of themed listening parties designed for intimate cocktail bars and luxury venues. We’re currently providing this concept to Soho House & Co. for their London members.

Some of our themes so far include Love In The 90s, Dolly Parton & Friends, Colours of the Rainbow, and Let’s Get Metaphysical.

I came up with this concept during my recent sabbatical (when I was supposed to be meditating, lol). I wanted to create a night centred around music, but with self-set limitations. It’s kind of reignited the musicologist in me, I’m having so much fun researching artists and songs that fit within my theming framework for each event.

I’ve been loving coming up with the themes for Indeedy Nights, and my inspiration comes from all sorts of different sources – fashion, horoscopes, even the progress of our collective consciousness!

The music DJ Helix and I play when DJing has always been eclectic, simply because it reflects our listening. Indeedy Nights is a wonderful creative outlet for us from a personal point of view. Guests and listeners can expect to be surprised and delighted on this musical adventure – the atmosphere is warm and friendly, and not pretentious.

If you can’t make it to one of our events with Soho House & Co., you can hire Indeedy Nights privately. Please check out the tech specs below and contact

Required specs: open plan space with PA, DJ booth, self-contained bar, and comfortable seating. Ideally a low-lit luxury setting.

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