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Let’s Get Organised: My Fave Day Planner

I’m a typical Virgo, obsessed with organising and trying to bring order to the chaos of life. I love lists so much that I once created a nightlife concept called I Love Lists. No joke. You can imagine how much joy I get from stationery, and here I share my top tip for forward planning!

My favourite way to plan my life, year, month, week, day, hour (minute? maybe!) is to use a combo of Google Calendar and a physical diary called Passion Planner. It’s really helped me break down my busy schedule into manageable chunks and I really feel like I’m on top of my tasks.



It contains both weekly and monthly layouts, lots of free space for mind maps and brainstorming, and creative tips on their website for customising your planner. Hello, color coding! There’s even an insert for tracking how many glasses of water you drink! Love 🙂

It’s different from other planners because of its positive, inspiring, intelligent feminine design and content. Let’s be honest, a lot of the planners out there are for old businessman dudes and not very motivating.

What I’ve really enjoyed about Passion Planner is how much it helps me manage the layout of my day. I run my own events business from home, we have a high volume of work, and my staff and freelancers are everywhere – there’s a lot to organise. For managing my staff and clients, I totally use Google Calendar and Apps for its web-based sharing capabilities. But for my own time management, I prefer this physical planner – there’s something about writing things down by hand (with freedom to doodle) that makes me more productive.

Naturally it helps me get to my meetings on time because I can block out how long it will take me to travel. It’s also useful to schedule out ‘self’ time for workouts, lunch (because I’d forget to eat otherwise!), and other things like phone calls to my wonderful grandmother. I think this level of organisation makes me a better person.


The design of the books is well thought-out, makes good organisational sense, and the tone of voice in the goal-setting sections is supportive, positive, and motivating. I love how easily I can look back at my year and see progress – something I never actually do with Google Calendar.

When you buy a planner, you get free access to additional PDFs and printouts of the pages, as well as printable inserts to help you personalise your diary.

Can’t wait to fill mine out!

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