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I am a presenter, a DJ, a singer, an event designer, and a music geek with a passion for food and fashion. I am the Managing Director of Indeedy Inc., an event design company that creates parties with a focus on interactivity and music. Sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates about our adventures.

Music is one of my greatest passions, and no genre is safe from my listening exploration. My performance career began as a singer in a Led Zeppelin covers band called M.I.A. at age 11, in my native Connecticut. Teenage years were spent in various theatre productions, rock bands, and school choir. I went on to study at SCSU in New Haven and CCFS at La Sorbonne in Paris, obtained a B.A. in Music and performed in jazz, rock, and electronic groups. I still perform in a classical choir and write silly songs on my laptop. I will forever be a student of music.

I’ve lived in New Haven, Paris, New York and finally London, where I now call home.

I spent some time in the magazine and online publishing industry within the international cosmetics and luxury markets. Travelling the world for work was exciting and I feel very lucky to have seen so many different places. I lost my mom to cancer in 2007, which was a very life-changing experience for me. I realised life can be so short – and that I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do. I left my job in 2009 to start my own creative business with Indeedy Inc. and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my happiness, relationships, family, and overall life enjoyment.

I have been putting on Indeedy Musical Bingo with my husband and soul mate, Charles ‘Helix’ Brockbank since we started it in August 2007. From the moment I presented our very first round I knew I was in the right place! We’ve reached the heady heights of playing all the big festivals, private members clubs, corporate events, and the best venues across the UK and New York City. We’ll be doing Indeedy Musical Bingo until we’re geriatric – it’s our life’s work and is borne out of our love for fun, music and each other.

In 2010 we created the world’s first list-making night, I Love Lists, which is partly self-improvement, and partly a snapshot of London’s consciousness, but mostly an opportunity to have fun with your friends and to get to know ourselves a little better. I started this night to help people define their goals and dreams through the power of making lists. I believe that once you put something on paper it has a much better chance of actually happening!

I DJ regularly around London. I dance behind those decks and I play my favourite songs. I do not try to be cool – all I want is for every single person in the room to have fun with their friends and to relax. When I DJ I feel like I’m playing songs for my friends in my living room (really fun, dance-worthy stuff).

To get regular news on my event concepts, where I’m DJing, and tips on having more fun in your life, just sign up for my mailing list here.

Here are some kind words about me and my events:

Queen of quirky club nights in London” “Hilarious, fun-filled” “The high priestess of musical bingo” – Time Out London
“Much better than normal bingo” – Time Out New York
“A must for all music lovers! So much fun.” – Scott Mills, Radio One
“I love this.” – Jo Good, BBC London 94.9
“The queen of Musical Bingo” “Jess Indeedy is a true hostess”- It’s All Happening
“The stunning mistress of bingo” “Inimitable” – National Theatre
“Jess Indeedy’s enthusiasm becomes more infectious as the night continues” “Don’t miss it” – Swish Junction
“Bingo caller and host for the night is the statuesque Jess Indeedy, who’s rocking sexy thigh high boots and an American accent.” – Spoonfed
“the DJ played songs and glampuss Jess Indeedy dished out prizes for winning lines” – The Cool Camping Guide To Festivals
“Jess Indeedy compered an entertaining musical hour with the assistance of her DJs.” – Latitude Festival
“Sassy” – Popbitch


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